Skype – Take a deep breath

It is not a deep breath….from all my years of doing (or atleast watching) yoga, I know one thing for sure, Skype is not a deep relaxing breath.

After I installed Skype, I looked in the mirror. There was no calm contentment; there was happiness, there was thrill, there was excitement, there was euphoria!

With Skype I can make video calls, calls I get paid for, chat with business partners over long distance…all for free. Yet the operative word here is not free. Even paid services do not give you such good service. The quality is very good and worth every byte of downloading one has to do.

Skype In – get your calls routed to a number instead if a Skype id
Skype Out – make calls to every phone at low rates
Skype Prime – become an online consultant
Skype Live – chat live on issues that matter and make your own topics
Skype Find – register businesses that can be search by millions world-wide.
Get Skype today!

I do not know whether I should spread word about Skype and if that will in some way diminish the quality of my Skype…it is selfishness at its height. After years, I saw myself feeling so supremely satisfied by a tech product.

All through my conscious life I remember struggling with technology, trying to make something work for my unique needs and ends. I have cursed desktop printers, got my heart broken by Microsoft, cried over laptops and felt exasperated at every software program that has gone awry…which is almost every software program.

But with Skype, I am 100% satisfied. It is satisfaction and more. It is like those rare pieces of art that leave you breathless… And that is probably why they tell you to take a deep breath 🙂


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