Incredible India!

India, especially to Indians, is undersold to a great extent. We are delighted to traveling great lengths to go to places where we can see something that we can see back home. Of course, if flamingoes are there in Mumbai, I would still want to see it at Lake Nakuru. Why? It’s cleaner (not really), it’s hyped and it definitely is not bang in the middle of a throbbing city. So we have it all, yet have not promoted it.

Every state has started promoting its tourism, but with a lack luster attitude. It is almost as if they expect everyone to know about it, so what is the use of showing off the place anyways. The problem is the whole of India has everything and so much more that it is impossible to encapsulate it all in a 20 second time slot. While some recent movies have made an attempt at showing the untouched beauty of Western and Northern India, we have to actively try to sell it.

Every other country has good locations and they make it great by their marketability attitude, supporting infrastructure and their cleanliness. The feeling that we don’t need tourism for revenue and thus do not care if it flourishes or not is a wrong one and thus we see small countries (making a big deal about themselves)  racing past us in development.

India is a classic case of too much for too many people which in positioning terms is suicide. Somewhere down the line, we may have to actively realise that even our country is after all, a products that needs selling.

To quote from the an old man in a village blowing on the hukka, ‘Whatever it may be, can it be like India?’

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