The ad and the bad

Somewhere down the line, they decided that they would do good. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you the a new CSR activities companies are adopting (though I am not sure why!). After building schools, cleaning villages and providing drinking water, now companies are taking their CSR activities to the next level….through advertisements. These little pieces of joy (have you seen an ad ending on a sad note?) add sparkle to our lives, especially if there is something terribly funny about the creatives. Let me give you an example, kind reader.


Remember the Jeete Raho campaign by ICICI? The latest as has a woman laughing at another woman inside her TV on her foolishness of not having taken a health insurance. This d must have been made by a woman…there in all her ignorance she sits cutting onions, reading newspapers, keeping the kitchen shelves identically stacked with crockery of the same kind and wearing crisp ironed clothes in the house…not to mention the brand new mangal sutra…and in her ignorant, yet extremely wise ways that are characteristic of women worldwide, she is assuming her husband must have already got them a life insurance. So the man dutifully goes and gets insurance. He says he’s got insurance, not ICICI insurance. So much for selling.  Now where in the ad (except for the last slide) does it say anything about ICICI? I see that ad and then invest in LIC. Is it really the time to get category conscious? Or is ICICI expanding the pie itself…ha ha ha. My theories are laughable, but their ads more so.


Another such ad that just sticks to one’s head is Principal Mutual Funds. They have the most wonderful creatives. 180000 diet cola cans – means growth in fitness industry. ‘Invest in mutual funds. They help you interpret numbers better’, says the bhavishyavani. Very good, but late by 3 years buddy.

Bikers don’t cry…did you not know that. A tired and beaten John Abraham gets stuff into his eyes while riding and the same bhavishyavani from the above ad says ‘why cry?’ and gives him glares….my question: won’t any glares do? Or oh, oh..I know…a helmet?

Then there are ads which no one knows who’s paying for? Maybe the government of Dubai. Why else would we hear top designers talking about their clothes and in the end saying that the diamonds are what make the bride? Diamond bride? 

I could go on and on…but I want to tell you about the ads that truly make an impact! I am sure the agency got it by chance. Britannia Digestive biscuits – it is about a man who wants to eat well, but doesn’t have the discipline to do any exercise. It says, ‘swad aur sehat ki badi ladai mein ek choti jeet’ well said…they have given the product its true place instead of showing how he suddenly reduced after eating only digestive biscuits.


The same guy comes in Saffola Gold ad which is my favourite. Boy! He must feel so weird when all health related products seek him out for ads. This post cannot be concluded…cos the analysis continues in our minds everytime we see these ads.

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