Eco Warrior – An interview

Hi. Today we are with Lavanya Deepak, a self-proclaimed eco warrior. Let us get to know her and her cause.

Thank you for being with us today, Lavanya. Tell, me Who is an eco warrior?
Thanks for having me here. An eco warrior is a person who saves a place or the earth from getting exploited. He is a person who fights for the environment.

What is it like being an eco warrior?
It is pretty much like being a normal warrior (???). But you don’t have costumes (or gear) and you kind of fight with everyone. There is no enemy other than the human race. They are really the ones killing everything else.

Is it very difficult? What does it involve?
It involves becoming a vegetarian (which I am), not using animal products like leather, etc. (which I don’t) and generally thinking green (not as in money!). So it was not difficult at all. One just needs to give up everything that is worth living for. Thats all!

Is it not difficult to give up at this young age?
Yes, actually when all my friends are looking at the bags and shoes they can buy, I try to stay away from such temptation.

How do you manage to stay away from temptation?
Well, whenever I get the temptation to do something eco unfriendly, I go hunting – not animals, oh no, I would never do that. I specialise in hunting down a tribal community right next door in the woods. It is very liberating.

How do you spread your message?
People are not yet open to such messages, so you really need to drive it in. So it has to be small and consistent measures like repeatedly stabbing a woman at the supermarket because she wears mink coats or hit counters on my website showing how many eco haters’ heads I have on my walls.

Are there others with you in this mission?

I do not know of anyone else doing this right now. I am kind of a one woman army. Some may call themselves eco warriors but they are just sissies telling people not to litter.

How long are you going to be an eco warrior?
As long as it takes to banish the enemy from the face of this earth 🙂

What’s that in your hand?
It’s a small butcher knife…nothing to be afraid of. When are you publishing this article?

It gets published in tomorrow’s newspaper.
Print? As in newspaper that uses wood pulp?

Yes…Is there a problem? Oh my God….RUN!

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