The twig snaps

There was once a twig

Looked like a wishbone

Wandered into a stream

All light and alone

Went from pebble to rock

Trying to get a grasp

Trying to simulate a

Ripple in its clasp

One arm was the free type

It kept looking around

The other was content

In the water they had found

A fish thought it was food

And caught the twig by its tail

The free arm wriggled out

The other sure did fail

The free arm went no far

Settled into the stream bed

The other one went where

The ignorant fish led

The free arm striving to

Fight open its bandages

The other one seeking shelter

Which it had not had for ages

That is the life we live

Taking one part too much to heart

The twig will snap in two because

From the whole, we become apart

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