Pagemaking is not an easy thing

After a certain point of time in any relationship, one starts wanting changes. Bloggers and their blogging platforms are a relationship of a kind. I feel different things for WordPress that I probably don’t feel for Blogger. When I see a Blogger blog, I am amazed at the few options the user has been given. Every blogspot blog looks almost the same. Very few customise even their headers and ones like me who do have to bear the brunt of seeing it interspersed with text and colour templates. The font choices are small and the layout cannot be tampered with much. So it is but obvious that the heart yearns for freedom…for openness.

So I embark on a journey that I had taken years ago (9, to be precise)…Ms Frontpage. I have never learnt HTML and I never wanted to really know HTML. It is very simple and I figured that if it was so simple and so essential I would learn it when the time came. The time though, is yet in the coming. Ok, back to Ms Frontpage. Many people do not know about this software. In fact I got it specially installed as it did not come with my standard package. I must tell you that when one opens an old software that one used long long ago, the feeling is equivalent to dusting an old instrument that you once played. You blow a few times to see if it still works. Generally with the dust and nostalgia ball-dancing in the air, one feels warmth and a sense of satisfaction. With Ms Frontpage though, I felt none. I was immediately disappointed with the way it had not grown over 9 years. It was still stuck-up and just would not do things if it didn’t want to…. And then it came screaming back to me.

You see back in college, the world was new…the whole cyberspace was your playground. You downloaded stuff, made it work, asked around and search extensively for html tutors…..all freeware mind it! Back then too, I had ditched Frontpage and taken to a Netscape Composer, because anything Netscape gave, you took. It was Anti Microsoft and even if it was more stubborn than Frontpage, you found your way around it. I dug into my Download folder that I had scavenged from my first computer and found Netscape! Boy, was it comforting to see that teal coloured composer. Then I realized that I was in 2007 and surely Firefox would have something for me. Enter SeaMonkey! Half and hour of downloading later, I saw Composer all over again…only the name was changed. I sunk into my ever ready doom pit. There is nothing…nothing more exasperating than…spelling such big words!…no nothing more tiresome than making WYSIWYG Html Editors work….now I understand WHY people preferred to learn html 😉 I created pretty good stuff without learning html and I was still determined to do so.

So I finally remembered that not everyone went tinkering about in their codes! Google would definitely have something for me!

And there it was….in all its Googly splendour…beautiful backgrounds, lots of layout, image uploading, different fonts et al. Google pages is the name of my knight in shining armour. And the best thing is it is entirely online…no downloads needed! So now, I have a blog on WordPress, an online newsletter on Google Pages, a corporate blog on Blogger and my consultancy website created on Frontpage…..and you thought I was not vain 😉


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