How low can a blogger stoop?

I for one would never have been interested in Zapak games. But with all the stars doing their ads, one wonders how good can it be. They have Malaika Arora who models for Zapak’s ads. Malaika’s sister’s name is Amrita Arora. Another Amrita in Bollywood is Amrita Rao. Some say she has no spice.

Hey! Did you see that Spice Mobile product that has GSM and CDMA in one phone? I mean, aren’t we already pained by the one technology we use…do we need two ..that too on ONE phone? I shall not say more about how Vodafone has been paining me because if you have ever spoke to me after July 2007, you would know. You don’t get network anywhere…Orange was better somehow. I remember going to a hillstation in Matheran and getting signal there where no other provider could reach their network. Ofcourse, I had to go a stick myself to one particular pole to get that signal. Maybe it was placed there after a serious Vastu consultation.

Now a days, houses are being selected on the basis of Vastu. For instance: while checking out our house, one prospect asked me which direction the kitchen faced. I said, “In the direction of the golf course!” Seriously with my window view, thank goodness, we are leaving this place. Or else, even for paying the rent, we would have to take home loans.

I think I detest taking loans because then I would have to take pains filing my income tax papers ( Its simpler without them. As simple as origami 😉 Complicated, but simple looking. Like these actresses who look stunning on screen: sometimes they looks so simple, but to create that simplicity a lot of makeup must have been used. Eg: Aishwarya Rai, Kangana Ranaut. They don’t look too made up, but they sure are. Example of a person who looks bad either ways: Reema Sen. I am sure she thought she can star in movies like Kuch kuch hota hai…she acts in Tamil movies and is a flop I guess. Because you need to have some acting skills afterall. I think she should take up Buddhism and retire to Italy.

Did anyone understand any thing of this meaningless mix of words? This is just a small insider view of the blogging world 🙂 Some of us sell our blogger souls to SEO keywords….words that will get you good number fo hits through search engines. Thus the most viewed blogs aren’t surprisingly those which deal with news about famous people. What I have compiled above is based on Google’s top 15 popular search phrases used. Just a small experiment before I sell my soul 😉


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