Saawariya is better than Bourne Ultimatum! If you think this comparison is ridiculous, then stop comparing it to OSO! Because there is no comparison. OSO is an impossible story in normal settings and Saawariya is a normal story in an impossible setting! The comparison ends there.

It is a story of two young people who meet and become friends. It is timeless and can be set in any city, any country, any continent. Because it is only a tale of the beloved. It does not need a background that is so painfully demanded of every other movie – Because the story and the characters themselves are good enough to exist in the middle of nowhere. Saawariya is in the same league as Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (not Black or Devdas). It is a light story with its dark shades. It does not leave you heavy with sorrow, yet your heart goes out to the boy “who is everyone’s beloved, but no one is his.”

Any man who has liked a girl while she pined for someone else can find a string of his own story here. The guilty pleasures, the friendship, the flirting, the pain, the sadness and over and above it all, the will to fight that sadness and overcome it while still giving it its due respect in his heart is what makes Saawariya a tale that has never been told before. As for every woman who has ever loved someone and waited, this story paints a picture of a young woman ready to wait, unmindfulof the consequences and anxiousness, for her first love. SLB has portrayed her extremely well and one wonders how he does that with each of his movies. Men are not complex and thus their tales are simple. But women are complex creatures and to bring on to the screen such depth is not easy. Sonam plays a girl who is in wait, yet lives her life; is unabashed, yet knows her limits; is practical, yet dreamy. She is someone who loves someone else, yet for a moment thinks of how life will be with the one who is next to her at all times.

All the other characters are powerful actors, yet they can’t even touch the lead pair. The lead pair swims in and out of friendship, waiting, confusion, love, compromise and anger making patterns as they do in which the other stars’ ripples are hardly felt. It is a private story of the two and their feelings and emotions.

Sonam Kapoor is a fine actress. Though they claim she is a trained dancer, Ranbir was dancing much more and better. Ranbir has the voice of Sanjay Dutt+Hrithik Roshan and the face like noone who would dare to look at Bollywood! So ass (pun intended) he looks so lame, the only way he could have won my favour is by his acting. When Akshay Khanna was launched, I was in school and I remember thinking that I have never seen such a good looking actor. Thereafter he went and did one movie called ‘Doli Sajake Rakhna’ in which his acting was really good. Then came college with Hrithik Roshan and I thought the same thing. And here I sat in a movie complex at Jogeshwari and though, “My God, I havent seen such an average looking actor”. But his acting is impeccable, with the freshness of new talent, but with the maturity of a learned actor.

Sonam is very believable as the naughty and haughty young girl who once in a while is forced to grow up when she remembersher man. For two new actors to live and act the characters in a span of 3 hours needs the character to be flawlessly scripted and that has been done. Salman’s character is vague, yet he completes the need for a macho character: strong, sure of himself yet yearning for love. Rani Mukherjee’s costumes are probably the only cost to the costume department. The songs are beautiful, yet the background scores are much better…typical of SLB movies. Another touch of SLB: reality. Its not that every guy gets his girl. It is also true that people are human and just because they are generally nice, it does not mean that they don’t burn the love letters written for someone else by their love. There are whores, whore houses, small lakes, bridges over lakes, bars and carpet makers in the world and there may just be a Saawariya amongst them.

I do not wish to say anything about the sets. All I shall say is this: I am thinking of becoming a Sanyasin one day, but when I do and even though I cannot see any more movies, I will do so with the knowledge that I have seen all the beauty there is to be seen in the reel world.


2 thoughts on “Saawariya

  1. i sooo agree wid u…saawariya is one of its kind,,and not every1 can appreciate the beauty of it…or understand da pure or unconditional love…..da emotions sooo beautifully portrayed!!

    i no dis sounds stupid but it sum wayz its one of da best movies of slb….as 2 ranvir ..i so agree wid u..wen i saw da promos i was like he is not good lukin…but after watching da movie..his acting just blew me off..i have gr8 expectations 4m him….

  2. please……….it is a perfect crime committed on a real good book and the extraordinary movie from where this so called slb has picked up from…………my heart pains at this treacherous,murderous……(I cud go on and on) attempt to make what slb considered a movie…..please do watch the Italian version of 1957 by Visconti……….u will know why I am pained by saawariya 🙂

    hey, senti mat khaana

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