What’s in a name?

I am not a big fan of numerology as I find it difficult to spell out numerologically modified names…and MsWord does not even help at such times! Yet sometimes I can get a little drawn in. So, just as my agnostic friend is convincing me that there is NOTHING out there; I find myself bemused by the effect names have on me!
I adore people with names starting with S: Somehow, all my closest friends have S names. And NONE of them were chosen depending on their name
The only friends whose name do not start with S are more than friends: one in a partner in rhyme & crime (Nandan) and the other is a partner in everything else (Deepak)

People with names starting in A are very nice to me
People with names that can be shortened to end with an ‘oo’ sound I find very cute. If people’s names cannot be metamorphed to sound that way, I just don’t care much for them
No one named Lavanya has ever made it to my close friends list
There are certain names that perplex me: owners of that name have become my friends instantly and it feels like I have known them all my life. Eg: Aditya, Kartik (however you spell it)
M people always feel motherly to me…maybe cos my mom’s name starts with M. M stands for Mangala, mother, ma, mamta 😉
I have a good homely feel with companies that start with a W…my consultancy, my dad’s, Welingkar! How do you explain that now?
People with names starting with V (thankgod there aren’t many) have been instrumental in changing my life.

Now these are observations over 27 years. And none were made before or during these patterns emerging.
So as SRK said in OSO….”Rascala….mind it!”


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