Beauty is skin

I am the kind of person that doesn’t get overwhelmed very easily. Most women I know are as stuck up as I am and we are a lot that cannot be easily overwhelmed, unless of course we wish to! Talk about being a snob πŸ™‚ Overwhelmed, hardly; Awed, NEVER! It is really difficult to be awed by anything now a days…I mean the days of computers smelling, sensing and seeing are in the past! What can you get awed by now a days anyways? Everything we see now is only an incremental development and nothing is so awe inspiring because it can be broken down into processes and methods and torn into bits that aren’t so great in the end. So, in such a state of mind was I when I went to see Om Shanti Om. I had no idea that I would be overwhelmed. Well, I didn’t know about it till my sister pointed out that I was dancing during the songs. Ahem!

But what shook my core was that I was awed…awed by the (hopefully) God-made beauty called Deepika Padukone. Now you must understand that praising another woman on her looks is probably the second last thing a woman would do, next to wanting to look her age. But here she was, Sia jewelry reflecting off her glacier smooth skin with those manly palms and the weirdest smile I have seen in Bollywood! Yet, inspite of her obvious flaws, she looked like the most beautiful vision. What is even better about her beauty is that she looks familiar. To quote an old Salman Khan song – “Kabhi Beyonce lagti hai, kabhi Priyanka lagti hai, Kabhi Varsha Usgaonkar bhi, kabhi Maduri lagti hai!”

In the entire movie, she looks breathtaking. But what takes the cake, is her last scene in which she looks back at the younger SRK and smiles through her tears. Aaah, the beauty.

Ok thats enough…if I praise her anymore, I think Ill be crossing over to the gay side.


2 thoughts on “Beauty is skin

  1. Yes, that scene where Deepika Padukone looks over her shoulder, eyes welling with tears was very powerful and beautiful. I thought she was a fine actress in Om Shanti Om. Look forward to seeing her in more roles.

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