Jab We Met : Review

I usually desist from writing movie reviews as I don’t like to badmouth anyone other than Unilever, Reliance and Hutch. After a long time though I saw a movie that was worthwhile. Now you may not be expecting much out of this small star cast and Indian location based story, but it has a lot to offer. The few things I realised I did not know:

o Kareen Kapoor (surprisingly) has a very strong screen persona and carries the whole movie on her slender shoulders
o Shahid Kapoor can act
o They both play their roles very well. Kareena is very believable as the ultra-talkative northie and Shahid as the demure stuck-up bade baap ki
o India is extremely colourful. Infact the movie is full of bright bold colours reflecting off their translucent skins. Aah I am so gonna miss it.
o The culture aspect is not over hyped. Families are quite normal and not the Subash Ghai-types
o The songs are very tasteful and there is a song in each category. ‘Nagaara Nagaara’ and ‘Yeh Ishq Haye’ take the cake
o The movie reminds one of DDLJ and the school/college days and the air of positivity attached with it – especially the train catching scenes

The lead pair may not make it in real life, but this movie is a good way to celebrate whatever they had. The ending could have been better…instead of a last minute ‘oh-we-forgot-the-party-remix-song’

All in all, a good watch…I mean, what choices do you have anyways 😉


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