Social Parasites

Don’t think you know everything about social parasites…
These are the people who LIVE OFF others. Just like parasites, they suck on other human beings till the host has no mental power left to understand what happened. I am sure all of you have seen such people and can roll your eyes at the thought of them. But dont be so quick to judge…you could be one too. You are a social parasite if you do the following:

o Spend all your time with just one person – especially if he/she does not
o Keep pestering your friends to spend more time with you
o Go to a party/get-togetherwhen you know just one person and you have not been invited by anyone
o You feel lost when you have to do anything by yourself
o You take up tasks in the belief that someone is always there to do it for you
o You create a scene and act childish every time someone disagrees to do your tasks
o You mooch off your friends and never pay back
o You cannot understand why people dont pick up your calls or avoid you

If you have even done one of the above, you are a definite social parasite.

How to stop being one?

I know the above comments may have hurt some of you and that was completely intended. But if you are still reading, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: ‘Get a life’
Step 2: and ‘Get a life’
Step 3: And finally, ‘Get a life’


4 thoughts on “Social Parasites

  1. Hey readin this reminds me ….. U mean a grp of Parasites who have forgotten to pay u back ??

    Some additional tags from my end…

    1) Cant leave a person in PEACE, but will make sure the person is left in PIECE

    2) Tags people with RFID, and detects the proximity to ones destination to infect others.

    3) Cant stop rambling inspite of others loosing interest in the conversation

    4) Drinks as if there is a tank full of magic potion to make one look YOUNG 🙂

  2. Heh. I know what you did last summ…errr…I mean, I know what and who you are talking about.

    BTW, there is some problem with the rendering…some words seem to have been sucked off by some Parasitus Irritatii.

  3. After extensive telephonic discussions and subtle threats directed towards the undersigned, I would like to certify that the above entry refers to the past week and not to the last summer, as may be misconstrued by the undersigned’s lame attempt to crack a lamer joke.

  4. hello, this is wiral (from menongitis fame)
    may i ad some more diagnostic features?:
    will keep calling for 16 rings, and then will hang up and try in abt 2 minutes time
    will assume naturally that u will wanna spend the new year/ ure birthday/ diwali annual holidays and other precious vacations exclusively with moocher

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