Waltzing Matunga

Aah, the topic of my ‘eternal’ interest: Matunga. What can I say?

It used to be a small spec of a railway station on the way to the other stations and now it is the place your car gets caught if you want to go ANYWHERE.
It is a place which used to be called Mini Madras and it is still known for its Madrasi shops and products from Madras…but there are no Madrasis (read South Indians) here anymore.
It is a haven for buying anything from a pin to a suitcase
It is a place where to buy an egg, you have to almost go till Hindu Colony.
It is a place where there are shops called Seven Eleven, Seasons, Chheda and Milap (all 2 each)
It has shop called Garden Fresh where the world’s premium processed foods are available (They donthave fresh mushrooms, they offered me canned ones instead)
It has a market which is always so crowded because of the reasons listed above, that you can never communicate with one another there…you get home to confer with your near and dear ones about the purchased items
It has cows shitting outside your door and marriage processions on the street.
It has all places of worship, it is more like a small pilgrimage spot
The market is equally distant from anywhere and going down usually means: going to office/school/market/college…everything is here
It is one helluva place….with big chunks of heaven thrown in.
All in all, Matunga is a place that will remain a part of me forever, especially since I’ve given that address in my passport.

PS – When the Manager at the rural marketing client I work for asked me what experience I have in rural areas, I told him about the cows thing….I still have them as my client 😉


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