My question to God

Change in life is good and generally it is for the better. But changes in relationships are not always better. We are born into a family…its more coincidence than choice. Even the life partner we choose in the few hours/days/months/years of knowing them is a coincidence. But that entire set of coincidences form strong bonds. Its like a real-life reality TV show that is being played with us. Different people are put into different roles. In the beginning everyone seems the same and then there form some villians and some heroes. Some people we like, some we start despising. Do we really then remember that they all felt the same in the beginning? Do we sit and reason why someone else finds all the people we find repulsive so lovable. Do we really see what is wrong with our view point? Or do we just continue to dwell on our side of the stories and our mammoth ignorances and believe that everyone has shades of gray.

Why does everyone have to have shades of gray? If we were all born together in one family and had our tables been shared, would we still feel the shades? Or is it only for the outsiders – the people not chosen due to coincidence, the poeple chosen with great care and caution? How is it that the person we most care about could be the last person we would have befriended? And if that is true, why all the hatred? It is just beyond reason. How is it that we spend a lot of time with the ones we despise and very less with the ones we care for? Are we being conscious enough about this? And even when we do know about this anomaly, why do we drift apart? Why do houses split? Why can two people who played with the same toys, not even tolerate each other now?

Where is the need for creating another family? Can’t a family just be self satisfied with themselves and live together for as long as they can? Does it have to be split and torn and segregated according to rules and traditions? Is it that the spouse fills the void of the family – or provide so much more that one is overwhelmed? But when this cloud settles, do blood links become weak. They are definitely expected to….but what if they don’t? What if one still feels the same way, but is not required anymore to? What should one do then?

If I ever meet God, I have only one question? Why do people who have nothing in common, fight all the time and still want to be with each other for a day or maybe a few hours made to stay apart! It is just beyond reason!


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