All Yes is No

I think I just had an omelet made from an ORIGINAL egg: the types that hens make. I could just make out: it was not perfect or clean and it was jaundiced yellow. I should have known when my insides squirmed when I entered the meat shop. Also it tasted exactly like the one I ate in Aavalur (Usilampatti Taluka, Madurai District, Tamil Nadu).

I think I should settle for the ones my baker brings. They are clean, perfectly oval and beat very easily. I am sure they are manufactured in some Marol factory. In three years time, I’ll be asking my local vendor, ‘Is this artificial or real?’ and he would say, ‘Definitely real madam’. It’s like the buying of shoes, belts and bags. Last week I walk into a shoe store and pick out a nice sandal. It costs roughly 1000 bucks. It could be leather…people make bags in 1000 bucks, but then again this is an over-priced store. The only reason I hopped into this nearest store was due to my leg-killer shoe.

I ask the guy squirming at my feet, trying to stuff my XXL foot into the petite shoe, “Is this leather?”
He says, “Its leather…”
I say, “I don’t wear leather.”
He says, “No, its not leather, its rexin/synthetic/foam leather/etc., etc.”
Now I am suspicious. I smell the shoe (This procedure is followed only when the shoe is brand new!) It does not give off that smell of leather. I am safe. But the point is the market is not yet opened up to alternatives to leather or animal products (where they are essential). Till then, I can parade in a sandal that looks like leather, costs as much as leather and was originally made in Dharavi for 100 bucks.


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