Wonder Years – as told in 2050

In the early 2000s, life was wonderful. Everything was unlimited and free. It was the best of times! I know, we may not have had eternal peace treaties or eradication of AIDs, but we were a happy lot.

We were in the new world where India had opened up to the other countries. We had imported brands being sold at small shops and Indian brands being exported like there’s no tomorrow. We had jobs that paid well and late nights that never ended. We had offices and physical spaces were our main meeting hubs.

New things were being introduced and we lapped it up hungrily. Most of all, Gmail was free. Yes, most email accounts were free. Google Analytics, Reader, Maps, Earth…all free! Internet was cheap…Rs. 500 / month, unlimited. People flitted between their online and offline avatars…living two lives at once and living it big.

Weekends were for family and friends. Food was prepared at home mostly and eating out was an occasion by itself. We had a luxurious life even if our homes didn’t mop themselves clean. We lived in small houses, but our doors were open for neighbours. People would drop in without notice and we could travel anywhere by foot and public transport.

We had uncertain lives. We never knew when bombs would explode or houses looted, but we made our peace with our environments. We shared our streets with the help, the sick, the crippled and the infected.They were the wonder years. Not as perfect as these….but the best anyone could have!   


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