Nach Baliye

I used to hate dancing or dancers as I was from the noble side of the ‘Singers’. I felt dancing was just a display of one’s body and it was vulgar. Not my fault as I was growing up on a staple diet of Madhuri Dixit doing Dhak Dhak and Urmila doing Rangeela Re. But today as I sit in my living room and cry and cheer with the participants of Nach Baliye, I see Dance for what it is.

Though for some years now I have given up my childish POV about Dance, I have always danced my heart out when I really felt like it. Yet, there could have been more dances in my life. Most of the time, it is stymied by embarassed friends, bad lighting and a conscious brain. But my foot taps away and I feel like bursting out of the skin of a 27 year old woman and just dance. Ofcourse, not many takers for my style of dancing. Its called Freeform inspired by the Punjabi form of dancing. Back at MDI, the non-punjus (and there were enough Mallus for that to happen) just went and sat around the corners of the dance floor everything Mika, Daler or Jassi sang. There I was trying to pull people to dance with me.

I am not gonna pull anymore. I am going to dance, when I want, where I want…now I gotto log off…its hard to balance the laptop while grooving.


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