Making waves

Sometimes not blogging does not mean nothing is happening in my life…it probably means that so much is happening that I haven’t got the strength to blog.

Firstly, a small study took me to Tamil Nadu where I averted the bombing of a theatre. See this if you don’t know about it.It was covered by Dina Thanthi, Indian Express, HT and Sun TV.

Secondly, I went to some hospitals and sick patients houses to interview them and contracted German Measles. Apparently, the vaccination for that was available long before I was born, but somehow it wasnt considered necessary by the government to vaccinate us. The doctor says I should have been born 3 years later to get vaccinated.

Thirdly, I have super-short hair now and it looks really good. It is that kind of hair you are happy for when you cannot be up and about everyday and don’t get the stamina to comb it clean.

Fourthly, I have realized that if I wanted to go abroad, I could! It is as simple as that. Also I can work there considering that all the fields I really want to work in are more developed abroad than India (environment, conservation and education).

Fifthly, I understood that if you keep a lot of blog topics in your head for really long, waiting for a good opportunity to air them, they will vanish into thin air.


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