In Nokia we trust!

So after all the discussion on the blog circuit, Nokia decided to finally say something about its Product Advisory that is being interpreted in all possible ways by the media.

This is the ad from Nokia.

 It gives us one more reason to believe in the brand we so love! In all its Nokia type font and few words, they conveyed to a hysterical mass that they were always the best. Yes, we can explode if a neutron gun is directed at us while talking, but I don’t really think that is a good strategy to blow off your next extortion target. You see if he is a rich businessman or CEO, you will be blowing off his secretary. For all of my readers who are none of the above and do have a fear of being on the receiving end of a neutron gun, I would suggest a good bluetooth headset (

In the end of the ad by Nokia though, they say we ranked them the 4th most trusted brand ad they will always live up to our expectations. This is my answer to that -We believe in Nokia….now I did not rank them, but I know one thing: if there is a person who wants only a phone that makes and receives calls, it has to be a Nokia & if a person wants everything in a phone, it has to be a Nokia.

Of course, there are some of us who did not climb on to the bandwagon early on. But most of you who have always used a Nokia would probably never understand how reliable and smart the phones are. Believe me, I have had my share of phones.I have a BL 5C battery and it may get a little warm, but it does not scorch my face like my LG flip phone did….and the batt…

Ow! What’s that burning smell?


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