Campaign for beauty

This whole thing about beauty is at a confused state in India. While few have finally given up the pursuit of fairer skin and accepted to be looked upon as dusky beauties, large chunks of society still struggle with the unattainable colour. While we are trying to cough up some self pride in the midst of Unilever Fair and Lovely ads, the other players seem to be tugging at our heart strings for an all over make over.

With Sushmita Sen explaining the benefits of the 7 power Olay cream and all the ladies in the ad looking like they have never been on a field job, I suddenly start wondering how come I do not look like them? To clear the doubts your gaping mouths are symbolising, let me tell you that in my entire teenage and youth (now I am an old woman), I used Olay religiously. My skin was good, but the Olay then did not have sun screen and the sun screen available was an Oh-my-god-don’t-let-this-thing-touch-my-skin-HLL product.Obviously, Sen must have been using the sun screen wala Olay even back then because for as far as I can remember she always looked fabulous. Seriously, show some truth ad people.

On the other hand, Dove has decided that India is too nascent in its quest for understanding beauty and completely omitted us from the Campaign for beauty ( It is by far the only beauty campaign that makes sense. Its a campaign that makes you feel good and tells you that you need to feel beautiful, that’s all! Of course, the marketing thought behind that is very clever and has as a proof increased sales. I would buy Dove (which by the way I used to swear by) after seeing the campaign because unlike other creams, this one feels like a close friend. That’s your brand personality mapping for you.If only all women realise what they are doing wrong!

Here is a question: how many times do you run your fingers down your face slowly feeling whether your face skin is soft or rough? Do you really have the time to do anything other than hurriedly dabbing on some sun screen and compact and glossing your lips? Chances are the answer is No. I may do it after returning from the beauty parlour to see if I got my money’s worth, but that’s all. And yes when we do get the time to do it, I am sure it feels great.

The catch here is we do it so that we can impress the men folk….that would have been a good strategy until one realises that they would find our skin smooth and soft anyways. I mean, what I their point of reference? Their own stubble-poked chins! That’s what I mean by saying ‘No matter how rough your skin is, it is always gonna feel smooth to them’.

‘Nivea for Men’ anyone?


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