Ten things you wanted to know about Harry Potter


Irritated that everyone around you talks about Harry Potter and you don’t have a clue? Here are some amazing thought provoking facts that will help you strike up a conversation:

1. Harry Potter, is a boy wizard, because his parents gave him the gift of love! My parents did alright then, why am I just a consultant?

2. Hogwarts sounds more like a curse (unfriendly spell) that can make your face like a hog’s with warts

3. Serious Black sounds like the unforgiving lord of dark (black) magic

5. Ron Weasley practically does nothing through the whole series and yet gets the girl…this is why it is called fiction.

6. Severus Snape loved Lily so much but no one else in the world knew

7. Snape remained unfaithful to all order members and even got some killed in a faint hope that Harry would fulfil a task that Dumbledore told him nothing about…must say the guy was nuts.

8. McGonnagal who is the most trusted one after Dumbledore is not even ware of the plan…ah, sexual discrimination!

9. Magic cannot be used to do homework…what’s that now!

10. And finally, Avada Kedavra sounds more like it is derived from Abda cadabra..which means ‘Here you go’

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2 thoughts on “Ten things you wanted to know about Harry Potter

  1. hmm…getting into trivia, eh? abra ca dabra and all that?
    I dunno why McGonnagal is there for in the later books…really. Given her name, I thought the gal was gonna go… ok sorry.
    BTW, I think the kedavra has something to do with death…cadaver…

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